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Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

It’s that time of the year again when all the shiny new running shoes are tried out and possibly last years running shoes that got very little use. The fluorescent Lycra is donned and the gyms and roads are packed with eager runners hoping to lose that bit of extra weight that crept on over Christmas or trying to get fit for a spring race.

First timers get along to your GP and get the once over. After that it is a matter of taking things easy over the first few weeks. A perfect start for complete beginners is the many Couch 2 5K courses that are due to start in January. These courses are a great way to ease yourself into running with a likeminded group of people. This leads to a graduation at a local parkrun. No better way to get you on the road to a 10K.

Once the parkrun has been completed and you are comfortable with that distance it’s time to move on to the 10K training. Make it enjoyable. Run with friends. Yes you do have friends that run. Remember all those other people who completed the Couch 2 5K course. They need company also.

There is 5K to 10K training sessions out there but if you can’t find one just run along any road and you will come across a runner. We are a friendly bunch and anyone that is out there day in day out will have time to help you on your road to whichever goal you choose. I started out on my own, I was a bit shy, (I can here you all laughing) but I now text out every day to a group of 25 about various runs. Meeting up at different parts of Belfast. Getting fit and having fun.

I started my running on a treadmill in my daughter’s garage. Done my first 10K without ever running on the roads in training. Six years later with numerous marathons, half marathons, 10K’s and I won’t even go down the parkrun line. Here……”did I ever tell you…………”.

So don’t think you can’t do it. You can do it. It takes a bit of will power, but it will change your life for ever. The changes both mentally and physically will be there for you and your family to see. Two to three times a week building up your distance is enough for anyone. The first should be enjoyable. Don’t worry about achieving a certain time. You want this to become part of your new you, so don’t put yourself off by bursting yourself on your first ever race.

If you haven’t already get signed up for this year’s Craic 10K on St Patricks Day do it soon. A great race through the streets of Belfast. Going from strength each year. This could be your goal. You can do this.

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