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Jog Blog 3

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

The Craic 10K is only eight weeks away. Perfect time to get ready for this superb run through the streets of Belfast on St Patrick’s Day.

Now that the foot wear and what to wear on the day has been sorted it is time to get into a proper running/training routine. Breaking up your week into rest days, running days and walking/cross training days.

Rest days! I have deliberately chosen to mention that first. Although I know some of my running buddies will say I should practice what I preach rest days are as important as running days or cross training days. If you don’t rest you will become tired or you will injure yourself by not taking a break. So when your plan says rest it means rest.

Running days. As a novice training for the Craic 10K you should aim to run three times per week. Building up the mileage each session and having a break between each session. Maybe you could run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If any of these days don’t suit move them around. It should suit you and your work/home life. I’m hoping Roseann doesn’t read the blog this week! She will say my home/ work revolves around my running lol. Don’t let it become a chore. You will want to enjoy your training and feel that you are getting something out it.

Walking or cross training will fill the in between days. Walking, cycling, swimming or if you use the gym try the bike, rowing machine or the cross trainer.

As a guide to getting to the stage of being ready for the St Patrick’s Day run this week should be broken up as follows: Monday REST, Tuesday 2.5 m run, Wednesday 30 mins cross training, Thursday 2 m run, Friday REST, Saturday 40 minutes cross training (maybe you could walk a parkrun), Sunday 3 m run. DO NOT worry about time at this stage of your training but try and cover the distances. If you need to walk during your running sessions that is OK.

Good luck. You can do this. Don’t forget to get entered for the Craic 10K as you will find if you enter it will push you to complete your training each week.

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