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Jog Blog 4

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

With seven weeks to go to the Craic 10K hopefully all training is going to plan. This week’s plan should be similar to the plan set out in last week’s blog. Hardest part is getting out the door. I can assure you that after every session you will feel great and delighted with yourself. Remember it is much easier to train alongside one or two other people of the same ability.

Training in our group is going according to plan for the various races that we have entered. Most will be doing the Craic 10K with others entered in half marathons and full marathons. We try to get out as much as possible together. This helps with the training of course, but also helps with everyday issues that can affect everyone. It’s good to talk.

Some talk too much of course and as I have told them repeatedly that if they talked less they would have more energy for running. Big John and Ciaran are definitely in that bracket. Gerry would have been there but he retired after the Dublin marathon and has retreated to North Belfast. If I can convince them to stop talking I think there is a 3.30 marathon busting to get out in each of them.

The 10K is a great distance to help with any preparation. A variety of distances should be tried in the run up to any race you have planned. It also builds confidence. After a good run you will feel it has all been worthwhile and that in turn will make it all the more easier to train. Follow your programme. Don’t get over confidant and try going that extra mile or doing an extra session. It could tire you out or worse, you could get injured. Don’t forget your rest days.

Time is ticking. Get registered for the Craic 10K and start St Patricks Day off in a heathy way.

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