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Jog Blog 5

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

With six weeks to go to the Craic 10K your training should be progressing in the right direction. Slight increase this week with the length of runs and the length of time spent on cross training. Gently increasing this way will avoid tiredness and more importantly avoid injury. A guide to where you should be at this stage of your training for the 10K is as follows.

Monday Rest, Tuesday 2.5m run, Wednesday 35 minute (slight increase) cross training, Thursday 2 m run, Friday Rest, Saturday 50 minutes (slight increase) cross training or walk one of the parkruns. Sunday 4 m run.

Once again try and get all sessions covered, but do not worry if you have to walk during a run. Always do the distances set out and power walk if you have to. You can change about to suit work/home life and sometimes that will help to keep you motivated. So swimming, walking, cycling or gym sessions on the bike, cross trainer or rowing machine can all be incorporated into your cross days.

We had our Christmas function on Saturday night for our group of runners. Needless to say there wasn’t too many who turned up on Sunday morning for the long run even though it was put back to 10am. I and Seamy the Barber headed out along the Lagan towpath for 15 miles. Seamy is doing his first marathon this year and is so committed he drank coke on the night out and turned down two haircuts! After a few miles out we bumped into Brian walking the towpath, he has a wee sore side at the minute, accompanied by his beautiful wife. There is a runner in Katrina somewhere bursting to get out. I left the merry band of revellers at 11pm and was still getting abusive texts at three in the morning from them.

Today starts a new week for us runners and that includes you of course. Rest day for me with a massage later tonight. Then back running tomorrow and hopefully a bit of speed work.

Good luck with your plan and if you have not already get registered for the Craic 10K on St Patrick’s Day.

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