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Jog Blog 6

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

Five weeks to go to the Craic 10K and your training should be starting to pay dividends. The gentle increase each week should really go unnoticed. This week’s schedule is identical to last weeks. If you are still having to walk during your long runs maybe try and cut one or two of the walks out. Push yourself that little bit harder.

Sometimes midway through a training programme you might find it hard to motivate yourself to get the Lycra on and out the door. We all go through that. It is not only you. Call your running buddy or put on your training gear as soon as you get home. I find this will get me out the door even if I am not going for a run until later in the day. I’m sure you will agree that there is no better feeling than finishing a run and being really glad that you made the effort.

A few of us had planned to do the Dune half marathon on Sunday past. A hard run from Newry to Dundalk. Brian with the wee sore side had dropped out but kindly agreed to do the driving. The craic was good as usual on the way down and after the mandatory ten plus toilet sessions for Big Pat we decided to sit tight in the car until closer to the start time. It was brutal cold in Newry on the morning of the run. Brian searched for a few songs to pump us up for the race but all to no avail. He likes Pink or is it Prince? He then found a motivational video by a runner and that done the trick. Pumped me and Pat up and off we went. Must have done the trick. I beat my last years’ time and Pat had a great run also. Marty (Upper Ormeau), Seamy the Barber and Jim the Busman all made it to the towpath for the normal Sunday long run.

I’m resting today and then off for a massage to rub the pain from these legs.

Don’t forget the rest days as they are as important as your running days.

Good luck with this week’s training and don’t forget to get registered for the Craic 10K.

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