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Jog Blog 7

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

Four weeks to go to the Craic 10K and hopefully you are sticking with the training plan as best you can. Slight difference in this week’s programme. Add half a mile to each of your runs and 10 minutes to the two cross training days. Do not forget the rest days. Sometimes you will be tempted to go out the extra days because you feel good. Don’t. This could set you back or worse still you could injure yourself.

Getting good reports in from North Belfast and how training is going for some first timers. Big John has taken on the coaching role and is encouraging his daughter Lisa in her training. I hear Lisa is upping the miles and is going well. Hope to have you in my pacing group on the day. Also talking to a number of parkrunners on Saturday at Falls parkrun. Quite a number looking forward to St Patricks Day and getting out there again for the Craic 10K. Congratulations to Brenda and Marty (Upper Ormeau) on completing 100 parkruns.

Great to see this year that the organisers have decided to add pacer groups to the run. There will be pacers for 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 minutes. I am a big fan of pacers and try and use them to take me round the course where possible. Get on their shoulder and stay with them. Let them do the work. They will bring you in just under the time allocated to them. Well that is the plan!

Our groups training for the Craic 10K is going well, but as with all best laid plans something always goes wrong. After doing the parkrun on Saturday I took my life in my hands and headed to North Belfast to run with Big John and Gerard. Disaster! We got to 7 miles and Gerard stopped with chest pains. Big decision for me and John. Do we run on and leave him? Unusually for our group it was decided to stay with Gerard. We nursed him back to Duncrue St as we had no phones with us or we would have phoned an ambulance and left him there. It was then decided that I would run back to get the car and a measuring tape to measure Gerard up for a wooden overcoat. He has recovered fully but is banned from the group until he can produce a medical certificate to prove that he is allowed out of North Belfast.

Good luck with this week’s training and don’t forget to get registered. The prices are due to go up this week for the Craic 10K. Get in now.

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