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Jog Blog 9

Photo by: Hugh Russell, Irish News

By Jim Clinton aka parkrunjim

Two weeks to go and already 1200 entrants. That is brilliant and will make for a great days running. How is the training going? Hopefully all good and you are on track for an enjoyable days running. A 3 mile run and a two mile run midweek should set you up for a 5.5 mile run on Sunday. Two rest days this week and a bit of cross training on the other days. This is the last big week as next week will have an extra days rest to make sure you are ready to complete the SPAR Craic 10K on St Patrick’s Day.

I was out at Waterworks parkrun on Saturday doing my monthly volunteering role. I pace the 25 minute group every first parkrun of the month. A wee bit fast this week coming in at 24.37. Hopefully on the day I will bring the 60 minute group to the finish line closer to the mark. Pacers t-shirts have arrived and they should be clearly visible on the day. Red t-shirts in a sea of green.

After last week’s blog and the run down on how our training groups preparation was going for the SPAR Craic 10K I got a few threatening text messages. One from a certain solicitor (he has taken out an injunction banning me from naming him) in the group who has threatened to sue me and another threatening to batter me, not Liam the fish fryer I hasten to add. Then there are the others who take offence at not being mentioned. I can’t win.

Most of our group are coming along nicely and using the 10K to help in their training programmes for longer distances. A great mix in the group and all fit in well. Londonliz is coming along nicely for her big marathon debut. She can’t wait to run down the Mall. Maria has went on to bigger and better things and is now representing her country. I wonder why that only happened when she dumped us. We also have a great prospect in big (tall) Orlaith. When we get her back in the group I look forward to her first marathon in Dublin this year when she will take on her brother and beat him. Only three of us out this Sunday for a 10 miler along the Lagan and through Belfast city centre.

Good luck everyone with the training and if you have not already go get registered for the SPAR Craic 10K.

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