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Belfast International Homecoming 2023


28 September 2023


Titanic Hotel, Belfast / The Belfast Harbour Commissioners



Belfast Homecoming celebrates a city which has seen — and survived —  its fair share of challenges and emerged resolute, resilient and ready to rock.

Belfast and emigration have long been bed-fellows. But latterly, the flow of migrants has been inward, bolstering the post-peace process Belfast with fresh blood and new talent. At Homecoming 2023 we plan to showcase those ebullient, emerging communities transforming the Belfast demographic, culinary and community landscape.

Our global visitors will hear from civic leaders about their ambitious vision for the future and meet the peace-makers, bridge-builders and change-makers building a better Belfast.

Our special focus will be on the business leaders and entrepeneurs driving forward the new city; all of them inspirational individuals keen to partner with you to source investment, advice and contracts.  

And proving that every cloud does have a silver lining, those who left in search of pastures greener created a diaspora which now has our back.

On 28 & 29 September 2023, at the tenth annual gathering, we’ll be calling that diaspora home to see the positive changes that peace has wrought and explore ways in which they can invest in the Belfast of tomorrow.

Come join us.

Bígí linn.

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

Connla McCann

Convenors Belfast International Homecoming 2023